Practical Hairstyle: The Gibson Tuck – DIY

Practical Hairstyle The Gibson Tuck - DIY

Here we present a lovely hairstyle, suitable for any occasion.

You will need:

– styling comb;
– hair brush;
– bobby pins
– hair band;
– hair spray;

How to make it:

1. Bring your hair in a simple low ponytail on the back.

2. Secure it with a band and then loosen the hair by pulling the band out slightly.

3. Split the hair with your thumbs to make a small hole because you will flip the hair through it.

4. Begin tucking- flip the ponytail over, let it go through the hole you have just created and then pull it back.

5. Do this step again and again until all the hair has been tucked at the base.

6. Use a few bobby pins to fix the hair and spray for a resistant hold.


Photo courtesy: bobbyglam

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