Proper Planning Of Your Annual Home Maintenance

Home is always the best place for everyone in the world, followed by other items such as cars. To own a home is one thing; to maintain it is another one. Maintenance can always get done anytime, depending on the need and work.

Sometimes, home maintenance becomes cumbersome, especially for first-time owners. But it is manageable through proper planning. In America, people have studied lessons to guide them on how to maintain their homes.

Most individuals plan their maintenance during spring by following the ways mentioned below:

A. Inside the House

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Inside the house, there are many areas and equipment that require annual maintenance. Such maintenance includes the following:

  • HVAC systems: For homes fitted with HVAC, you can contact technicians who carry out annual maintenance. The technician has to check for damage signs and leakage while servicing the furnace and the AC.
  • Plumbing: Annually, it is recommended you check your house piping. If you have a bigger house with a large number of pipes, a plumbing contracting company can help and carry out this service. Such services include leakage checks, blockages, drips, etc. It includes checking the toilet pipes, sink pipes, overhead tanks, main pipes, and much more according to their installation.
  • Chimneys: They help in the emission of smoke and bad odors, from the house. They should get checked for cracks, pets, and blockage, to ensure that emission is taking place correctly.
  • Smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors are sensors installed in the house for fire alerts. They should be serviced once in a year, at least to make sure they are working adequately.
  • Steam heat: If you own a steam heat in your house, ensure that it gets serviced annually. You need to drain it and check out for any parts that need cleaning, repair, or replacement. Draining also helps in cleaning sediments.

B. Outside the House

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This place is where most annual repairs happen around the house. Some of the areas which need to get checked include:

  • General inspection: You need to go round the house and check if there are any cracks in the walls, roofs, and doors. The driveway also needs to be checked in case of potholes or glaring cracks. The repairs prolong their use.
  • Gutters: Gutters usually collect rainwater and channel it to the drainages. Depending on your house design, it is always advisable to get the best type of gutter that will suit your roofing. Gutters need to be checked annually for a blockage to prevent leakages that can lead to compound flooding and wall damages.
  • Paint: Your house will always be looking new and well maintained if painted annually. Good painting protects your home from wear, damage, and rot. If there is peeling of paint or discoloration, get a professional painter who will apply a fresh coat of paint.
  • General cleaning: You can decide to do general cleaning for your house once a year. This cleaning means cleaning the windows, doors, and removing the stains left by winter weather conditions. You can also get some professional cleaners who clean the entire house exterior.
  • Deck: Most people clean their decks yearly since they don’t use them much. You can clean your deck by sweeping it and checking signs of loose nails or cracked wood. Check for any tree leaves and debris and remove them away.
  • Pool: It is so easy to maintain a pool if you own one. Drain the water, check for leakages and cracks, repair walls, make paintings, and clean all the debris accumulated at the bottom.

C. On the Ground

  • Cleaning during spring: After winter, you can remove fallen leaves, broken trees, and other trash, using them to mulch flower beds and hedges. This mulching will help you conserve water.
  • Tress: Get an arborist; let them check your trees for diseases and insects. The arborist can help in trimming them and suggesting ways on how to improve their growth.
  • Lawns and hedges: You can trim your grass and fences as a routine measure, replant them, cut off deadwood, and fertilize the garden.

With the above measures, you can maintain your house quickly and adequately without getting much into expenses and labor. It just requires a good plan. Since it is done once in a year, ensure everything gets done to perfection and, if possible, get an expert who can carry out these processes according to their profession and expertise.

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