10 Days in Norway: Best Ideas to Plan Fascinating Norway Itinerary

At the mention of the Aurora Borealis, thoughts of Norway instantly come to mind. Right? While the northern lights stand out among other attractions in Norway, there are many other fun things you can do and still get the same feeling of excitement — and who knows, you may decide to add them to your Norway itinerary. 

Norway also has a variety of natural endowments, ranging from its dazzling fjords to graceful waterfalls, dramatic mountains and beautiful snowscapes — oh, you should see those, they are amazing!

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Planning your Norway Trip

We understand why virtually every tourist would want to see the northern lights, but the weather can get in the way, and you would have to adjust your travel plan. Instead of heading back home and feeling bad about missing the northern lights, why not try out other activities Norway has on the offering?

If you feel at sea and can’t think up any ideas, you can book custom Norway trips to take your mind off the stress of picking places to visit or add to your Norway itinerary.

Here is our list of best things to do during a 10-day trip to Norway:

1. Skiing

Winter is a fun time in Norway. There are a lot of high mountains where you can go sledding — either downhill or cross-country skiing.

A trip to Hemsedal will lead you to ski resorts, perfect slopes, and a good number of ski lifts. Hafjell is also another choice location for sledding and tubing. You should check these places out.

2. Hiking

Why let the beautiful landscapes in Norway lay idle when you can treat yourself to a closeup view of the elegant mountains and a panoramic view of the fjords? Oh yeah, great right? You can keep your hike simple, and if you are feeling adventurous, you could take on the graceful Galdhøpiggen (the highest mountain in Norway). On the other hand, if you are low on energy, you stick to the scenic view of the Rondane Park — and watch out for reindeers.

3. Have You Seen Norway’s Stave Churches?

Norway really prides itself on its signature and creative woodworking industry. Evidence of this creativity is visible in its stave churches — they have lots of them. Rather than follow the cultural trend of building churches with stones, which is common in Europe, Norway opted for wood, and the results are an amazing sight to behold.

The Heddal stave church is iconic and stands out among its counterparts, and tourists come in their numbers to catch a glimpse of this marvel — it’s such an impressive landmark to see.

4. A Visit to the Waterfalls

Norway wouldn’t be so picturesque if not for its exciting waterfalls. Interestingly, there are lots of waterfalls scattered all around this beautiful country. A trip to the western fjords and mountains opens the curtain to a great number of breathtaking and powerful waterfalls.

The great Mardalsfossen is also within range to spray you with its water — and it can do that forever, thanks to its all-year-round water supply from the glaciers.

5. Take a Trip to the Coastal Towns

If you like to keep your trip close to the coastlines, Norway has lots of that to offer. Norway offers hundreds of miles of coastlines that houses incredible and stunning towns.

The coastal towns will embrace you with the Norwegian culture and mind-blowing cuisine. You should try out the dried and salted cod, it’s fantastic!
Hikers can also have their fill as they take advantage of the breathtaking landscapes and views. Some coastal towns to look out for are Ålesund and Henningsvær.

6. Care for Some Polar Bears?

Almost everyone has heard tales and watched movies about the great polar bears. Your trip to Norway could be your ticket to meeting them — not meet them to shake hands but close enough to take pictures and wave from afar.

North of the Norwegian mainland is a collection of thrilling islands. Though less populated, these islands make up Svalbard Archipelago, and they have a thriving wildlife population.

You can head to Longyearbyen to spot the incredible and majestic polar bears. While at it, always remember to take a guide along and don’t wander off.

7. How do you like your pictures?

Regardless of whether you are into posting pictures on social media or not, Norway offers a glamorous and picturesque scenery that is worthy of these cameras — so carry those along.

How would you like the sight of a boulder caught between two cliffs? Breathtaking right? Well, that’s what is on the offering when you visit Kjeragbolten. You should see it for yourself!

How about taking a picture at the cliff overlooking pristine blue waters and the dashing scenery? Cool! You can see that at Pulpit Rock.

Also, the outcropping sitting hundreds of feet above a gentle river at Trolltunga is also not left out. So, prepare yourself to be dazzled!

8. See the Fjords!

Apparently, the fjords seem to be the center of attraction for most Norwegian tourists, second to the Aurora display or northern lights as they are popularly known.

Your trip to Norway will be incomplete if you miss the fjords, and there are lots of them lying on the western coastline. Thankfully, you won’t be far off from the popular Sognefjorden; it holds the record for the longest fjord in Europe. Keep an eye out!

9. You should see the Fisherman’s Cabins

Aside, Svalbard Archipelago, another stunning group of islands to look out for is the Lofoten Archipelago sitting picturesque off the northern coast of Norway.

It’s arguably one of the scenic spots in Norway, and it is laden with beautiful attractions, including the fisherman’s cabins.

The Fisherman’s cabins are traditional red cabins built on stilts right along the coastlines. They are a historic part of the island, and you can check into some of them for the night. These beautiful cabins are also located in remote and breathtaking beaches, which makes them ideal for tourists who would love to enjoy some quiet time.

10. Visit Oslo Cathedral

A visit to Oslo’s baroque cathedral will take you on a historical trip back to the 11th century. Being the first church built in Norway, you can expect to see colorful historic murals and the ornate pulpit.

Other fun things to try in Norway are cruising on the Hurtigruten ferry or coastal steamers. You can hop onto Europe trains to tour around Norway’s scenic neighborhoods with over 2000 miles of tracks to explore.

We hope you will find our suggestions appealing and worthy of being on your Norway itinerary. We are always available to share other great travel ideas with. Until our next post, remember to keep us posted on your Norway trip. Travel safe!

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