Personality Secrets Decoded by Your Hairstyle

Ever noticed that somehow the first thing that you reach out for, when you feel that sudden wind of change, is a pair of scissors? The hairstyle has often being quoted as being a very personal yet a completely public projection of your identity.
It is sometimes simply a means to portray a particular kind of a personality, and people are actually able to perceive bits of it, simple by looking at you! It hence becomes important to understand what your hairstyle is being read as. Short, long, wavy, curly, blonde, red, brunette; we are all of them. And yet, each one of us has a sassy persona peeping through those locks. So, let’s check out what your hairstyle reveals about you!

1. Red: You’d most probably be found laughing out loud and being all things fun and zany! Not typically a clown, but blessed with immense witty humour, people look forward to interacting with you as you are loaded with positivity, and no one minds a brush with some good vibes!

2. Curly: Dynamism, passion and generosity drips from your curly locks! You are fun loving, warm hearted, and love to dabble in all the different flavors that life has to offer. A go-getter, you tend to stick to schedules and complete your tasks on time.

3. Wavy: You are sensitive, emotional and also blessed with a solid will power! You may not be too open with your feelings, and enjoy spending quality time with yourself. You have a streak of creativity and love to delve into activities that set you free!

4. Thick: You are a powerhouse of energy and are extremely strong willed, to the point of sometimes coming across as being stubborn!

5. Naturally straight hair that you keep curled: You have a decent amount of fun in life, but you crave for more! The change of your original hair-type sends a message to the world that you are out there to change, experiment and invite varied experiences in your life that can make it more interesting!

6. Naturally curly hair that you keep straightened: Yup, probably just like you would like to straighten out your life! You have a pretty hectic and chaotic life that you would like to smooth out. Straightening your hair calms you down and provides you much needed peace!

7. Wash-and-go-style – Medium length: You like to think things out and are naturally logical. Prone to being frustrated easily, you carry an absolutely fuss-free yet feminine hairstyle. You value common sense and have a relatively direct approach towards life!

8. Wash-and-go-style – Long Hair: You are blessed with a heightened sense of creativity and are a romantic at heart. You connect with the soul and simply do the things that the heart desires!

9. Wash-and-go-style – Super Short: You really don’t think it’s worth all the fuss to spend time odoing up your hair. Calm, casual and spunky, you have an approachable persona and make friends easily.

10. High-maintenance: Social image matters to you a lot, and you may be spending hours doing up your hair, just to achieve that perfect look! You like being the centre of attention wherever you go, and are sometimes interpreted as a drama queen! (ouch!)

11. Messy and unkempt: No, it doesn’t mean that you don’t care, it suggests that you love doing more for others than for yourself, putting your own needs last! Simply walking out while smoothening out your hair with your hands, or tucking them casually behind the ears, and that’s you!

12. Shaved or naturally bald: Now, here we are talking about someone who is super romantic! And if you happen to be naturally bald, yet decide not to hide it with a wig, then you definitely come across as someone who has an enormous capacity to love, are open, and have a very attractive personality!

13. Unconventional haircut: You are ‘fun personified’! Sometimes rebellious, you like to lay down your own rules and are fun to be around with! Impracticality is your signature and you like to take yourself where your heart goes!

14. Blunt: A hard-core go-getter, you are a stickler for goals and deadlines. You are driven by a passion to succeed and pair your personality with an absolutely easy to maintain hairstyle!

15. Layered: And here comes the perfectionist! A layered cut requires precision maintenance and you are just the right one to carry it off!

16. Straight hairline: The hard-core rebel; for you rules are made to be broken. You are also among those who are not afraid to challenge conventions to make the world a better place!

17. Irregular hairline: Uh-oh, this may mean that your growing-up adolescent years were a mass of trouble! A difficult time for all of us, but for you it may have been particularly so.

18. Rounded hairline: It is indicative that your mother had a good and a strong influence in your life, and you are charming, pretty and well brought up. You follow society rules and are polished with your manners.

19. Widow’s peak: Charming and mysterious; that’s who you are. A magnet that pulls the world in towards you wherever you go, you are highly charismatic!

20. High pony-tail: A strictly goal oriented person; you do well in your career. You are meticulous with your planning and pack in some hours of exercise along in your routine for an overall rounded approach to life!

You may be projecting more than one kind of a personality to the person who is sitting across and observing you. Thank god your hairstyle can do some of the talking!

Personality Secrets Decoded by Your Hairstyle

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