Perfect Red Lips Tutorial

Have you seen celebrities that wear red lipstick? They look like they have applied it recently and their lips still looks gorgeous in pictures even after a few hours have passed. There is a specific trick that will help you obtain perfect red lips. Follow the steps from below, stand out and don’t forget that one of the tips to perfection is to have moisturized lips.

Perfect red lips tutorial:
1. Apply concealer on your lips to block out natural lip line. This will help the lipstick to be more resistant.
2. Make dots on your corners and important edges like you can see in the picture.
3. Connect the dots you previously made and use something straight to keep the line perfect while drawing(you can use a business card).
4. Fill in the lip with the pencil.
5. Use a brush to apply the lipstick over.
6. Use concealer again to make the edges sharp and you are done!

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Photo courtesy: citizensofbeauty.

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