Pearly and Colourful Bracelets – DIY

DIY pearly and colourful bracelets

Here’s a perfect DIY inspired by Heodeza to reuse some pearly garland into colourful bracelets that you’ll be able to wear all year long.

You will need:

simple bracelets
a bit of pearl garland (any repetitive chain of small pearls or crystals would do too – Christmas decorations, for example)
a glue gun
some colourful embroidery thread

How to make:

Glue your pearly garland on the bracelet placing a little bit of glue under each and every pearl. Then put a dot of glue to hold the beginning of your thread and circle with the thread around each pearl. Do two or three rounds depending on how thick you want the colourful part to be. When you’ve gone around the whole bracelet, make a little knot and secure the end of the thread with a dot of hot glue.

DIY 1 pearly and colourful bracelets
DIY 2 pearly and colourful bracelets
DIY 3 pearly and colourful bracelets

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