Paper Napkins Ballerina

Paper Napkins Ballerina

Take some time and create something special. Here we have a tutorial about how to modulate a ballerina out of things you most probably already have in your house. It is a project that can be made next to your children or just for relaxing.

You will need:
– wire (flexible, holding the form);
– tissues;
– starch paste;
– thread;
– transparent fishing line;
– pliers;
– scissors;
– needle.

Directions: Form the ballerina “skeleton” out of the flexible wire, only indicating the basic outlines. Dissociate the napkins to individual layers, if they are patterned, only use the white side. Take a few of the napkins and tear with bare hands into strips of more or less an inch wide. These stripes you should start folding around the “skeleton” just like a mummy. When done, let the ballerina dry, and begin to put over clothing. For the tutu, take a napkin, grab it from the middle, and press it to obtain beautiful folds. Cut the corners, so it is round and well leveled, then put the napkin over the ballerina, and sway thread tightly around the waist, to give it the human look. Use the transparent fishing line for a hanging system.

Photo courtesy: stariy-chemodan.

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