Paper Gift Topper – DIY


Presents wrapped in a creative way are so lovely! It’s great to see how much effort and care were put into making someone happy. Here is a cute idea, inspired by MarthaStewart, to decorate the gift in a pretty way.

You will need:
– strips of paper;
– printed signs;
– double sided tape;
– scissors;
– exacto knife.

Directions: Choose the words and print them out. Cut strips of paper, one for each word. Use double sided tape to stick the text to the paper strips. Take the exacto knife and cut out only the tops and edges of each letter. Pay attention to not cut out the bottom sides. Now, pop letters up from strip, folding along the bottom edge. Cut the strips at different lengths and bend them into circles. Attach completed circles using double sided tape. Enjoy!

paper-sign-gift-topper-collage Photo courtesy: MarthaStewart.

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