DIY dress from a t-shirt 1

No Sew Dress from a T-shirt – DIY

A Shakuhachi lookbook became an amazing point of DIY inspiration. With the help of the tutorial shared by APairAndASpare, you will be able to make this lovely dress and so not spend money on Shakuhachi`s
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Stash Sandals by Reef

Reef is a brand for beach wear which launched an amazing shoe model known as Stash Reef. These shoes are very useful for people who
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Idea to Eliminate Shoe Odor

Here is an easy yet pretty way to make your shoes smelling fresh and is also pleasing to the eyes. There are many ways to use baking soda: to clean kitchen sinks or litter boxes,
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shoe rack

Rotating Shoe Rack

A shoe rack is very useful with this amazing design we present. It has a storage capacity of 20 pairs of shoes based on its ingenious circular design. It is excellent for tiny homes or
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