make up magnets board

Make-up Magnet Board – DIY

Digging through the cosmetics to see what you have and find what you want is often a pain. You need a way to display them all and Laura Wiebe from LauraThoughts came with the amazing
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The Comfort-U Body Pillow

comfortable-pillow-1 (1)
Ideal for bed, floor or couch, this amazing pillow has a special design giving you numerous comfort choices to cushion and cradle your body’s load
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shoe hanger

Shoe Hanger – DIY Tutorial

EPBOT came with an amazing idea of storing shoes: a left over curtain rod mounted on two shelf brackets, and lots of modified hangers. To make the shoe hangers, you will need: -pliers -wire hangers
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DIY 1 pearly and colourful bracelets

Pearly and Colourful Bracelets – DIY

Here's a perfect DIY inspired by Heodeza to reuse some pearly garland into colourful bracelets that you'll be able to wear all year long. You will need: simple bracelets a bit of pearl garland (any repetitive chain of
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evian baby t shirt

Evian Baby T-Shirt

If you’re a big baby at heart, then you should wear Evian Baby T-Shirt. In the Baby Inside campaign, some adults are shown dancing while wearing white T-shirts imprinted with the body of one of
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