large hand shirt

Big Hand Shirt

Wearing this Big Hand Shirt looks like you are getting grabbed from behind when you throw this tee on. The shirt features an innovative picture of a hand turned into an illustration. People stop and
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Creative Idea for Slippers

What about making slippers out of a single piece of felt with almost no sewing required? That`s a great idea of DIY based a the tutorial shared by FieltroGabrielaLopez. For one pair of slippers you
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Stash Sandals by Reef

Reef is a brand for beach wear which launched an amazing shoe model known as Stash Reef. These shoes are very useful for people who are hardworking to get to beach, but lazy to carry
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Make Your Own Minion – DIY

Minions in Despicable Me is very notorious right now. In this way, JewelPie created a simple minion everyone can make at home. You will need three store-bought ingredients: twiggies (vanilla flavour), choki Choki chocolate stick, polo mint. Find
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