The Right Outfits for Your Body Type

Each one of us is unique and distinct from one another, yet we are all the same in the fact that we are all beautiful! We are differently shaped, and each has its own advantages and beauty. Yet sometimes, we may put on an outfit that does not exactly flatter our body type, and may even tend to look a tad bit unattractive. Now, who would like to risk that! So here are some tips to choose the right clothing based on your body type. Read on!


Rectangle: The trick here is create the illusion of a thin waist, which can make you look curvy! Wear jackets and tops which are cinched at the waist. Dresses that have voluminous tops such as cowl necks and weighty bottoms automatically cut away at the rectangular shape. Avoid high-waisted jeans and baggy loose trousers.

Hourglass: This one shape that every outfit looks good on! Try wrap dresses with ‘V’ necks and high waist jeans which help show off your thin waist and curves. Completely avoid square tunics and cardigans, as they tend to square out the naturally curvy proportions of your body.

Circle: This body shape has a wide waist in comparison to the shoulder and hips which needs to be appropriately concealed. Opting for clothes that are loose near the waist and tighter on the top and bottom will work wonderfully for this type. One must avoid dresses with tight waists.

Triangle: This type has broader shoulders and torso in comparison to the hips and therefore clothes such as baggy oversized sweaters and loose blouses that accentuate the top should be avoided. Add layers to your top with scarves and jackets. Try A-line skirts and heels to bring focus to your lower half.

Pear: For this body type, outfits with flared bottoms provide a camouflage to hide wide hips.  Tops with interesting necklines such as ruffles, or a cowl neck instantly take the attention away from the bottom. Avoid low waist skinny jeans.

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