Outfit And Appearance Mistakes That Can Give Others Wrong Impression About You

To a certain degree, our appearance speaks louder than us ourselves – and that’s just another reason why you need to pay more attention to the outfit and appearance mistakes you’d potentially make. Wrong styling can cause others to view you in a distorted manner, and let’s be real; no one likes to be misunderstood. If you’re not messy, for example, you’d hate it if people brand you as a messy person just because you overlook some parts of your appearance. [Photo by Kristina Petrick on Unsplash]

However, what you consider as insignificant may cause you your love life, or even career leap. So next time you’re stepping out of the door, make sure you check these things:

1. Hair roots

Dyed hair are hard to maintain – but if you’re not ready for the commitment, maybe you should reconsider dyeing your hair at the first place. If you really want to dye your hair, however, you’d have to make sure your hair roots are not darker or lighter than the rest of your hair. Or, you can go balayage, but it’d cost you more than the usual one-color hair dye style.

2. Hair ties on the wrist

Sure, it’s practical since you don’t know when you’d need the hair ties, but it’s simply not a good look to have them on your wrist. If you need something to play with, like some of us do, you can always get a bracelet. And by bracelet, we mean a real bracelet, not simply a decorated hair tie.

3. Top knot

Top knot bun is a simple hairstyle; fitting for a busy day. However, you might want to swap it for a ponytail or braid, which can help you look well-kept. And if your hair requires washing, rather than just taking a shortcut by tying it, try washing it instead.

4. Nails and cuticles

Trim your nails and apply hand cream to moisturize your cuticles. It’s such a basic thing to do, but at times, it can be hard to find time to do it. Try to make sure your nails are always at proper length, and if your routine doesn’t allow nail art or manicure, don’t be too greedy! Chipped nail polish is worse than having no nail polish on.

5. Wrong foundation

We can’t stop emphasizing how important it is to find the right foundation shade which compliments your skin tone. Some foundation oxidize over the time, so when buying foundation, try applying it on your chin and wait for a few minutes.

6. Carrying too many bags

It’s understandable; sometimes one bag isn’t enough. But carrying too many large bags at the same time can make you look cluttered. Try getting a bag that can fit several small bags, so you don’t have to go around looking like a juggler trying to balance your bags.

7. Showing underwear or bra straps

There’s, obviously, nothing wrong with wearing underwear or bra. But they’re called underwear for a reason; since they have to stay under whatever you’re wearing on top. So make sure that your underwear aren’t seen through the fabric, and that your bra straps are tucked in safely.

8. Dry skin/hair/lips

You think you can cover your dry skin up with makeup? Uh-huh, not a chance. Moisturized skin makes it possible for your makeup to settle, and stay, better and thus it only makes sense to keep it moisturized and healthy. Flaky skin can also make you seem older than you are – which is definitely not a thing. Dry hair and split ends can also make you look unkempt; so make sure you’re using hair care products such as hair mask or conditioner and that you’re getting your scheduled hair trim.

While we’re on the subject, let’s also talk about the importance of healthy lips. If your lips are too chapped, pale, or even worse, bleeding, people might automatically assume you’re unwell or tired. Try increasing your water intake and apply lip balm if necessary.

9. Uncomfortable clothes

Whether it’s too small, too big, too tight, too loose, too low, or too suffocating clothes that don’t fit you can cause you to feel uncomfortable the entire time you’re wearing it. You might end up tugging on it or trying to adjust it. And if you’re uncomfortable, then others would be able to tell, too. Pants that are too long, for example, can cause you to trip or the hem might drag across the floor and you’ll end up sullying it. Uh-oh!

10. Animals fur

Pet lovers, how often do you realize, only after leaving your home, that you’re covered in fur? Most likely, more than once. If so, try to keep a lint roll wherever you go, so you can always get rid of the hair. Remember, it’s not simply about looking messy – people who have severe fur allergy may react negatively if you’re within a certain radius.

11. Wrinkly clothes

An obvious point, yet, it’s something we often miss. Wrinkly clothes are the number one way to looking messy and unkempt. Even if it takes more time, please always make sure your clothes are properly ironed and stored. If your closet is too tight, your clothes may end up squeezed together and thus you would have to spend even more time re-ironing them.

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