Out of Ordinary Braided Hairstyle

Out of Ordinary Braided Hairstyle

From simple and classic braids, to complicated and jaw dropping ones you are truly able to create all of them. Even if they look difficult to make, most of time it is only our impression on how things are, not the reality. This braided hairstyle is one of them, looks amazing and hard to make but with some skill and attention it can be easily done. For this tutorial you will need a braided cord addition and some hair clips that will help you through the process.

Start with braiding the hair in the front of your head and in the same time fix it with some hair clips. Then you will do something like a 4 strands braiding and each and every time you will loosen the braid that some of the strands will stay a little on the outside. All the attention and beauty of this hairstyle stays in the middle cord that offers the stability.

Follow the pictures above for a step by step understanding of this tutorial. At the end of it, after you have reached the bottom, you can take a hair elastic and fix with that or you can also use a chic ribbon. For the middle addition you can use also different colored pieces of cord, fake hair or whatever you want to work with. Besides looking gorgeous, this hairstyle is very strong and will last many hours without being destroyed by wind or any other external factors.

Hope you will enjoy this tutorial!

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