Office Chic with Oscar de la Renta


Get ready to charge up your office with these stunning business outfits by the celebrated and highly acclaimed fashion designer, Oscar de la Renta! Women are ruling the roost in all walks of life, and the bold statement that is being projected from this exciting range is sure to get that message across!

Hints of feminine charm, blended with powerful colours, cuts and fabrics prove to be the game changer in this collection. Delicate dresses are given an altogether new twist with charming jackets and blazers and knee-length skirts with thigh-high cuts. Collars embellished with exotic flower motifs, ruffled shirts, cigarette pants and pin-stripe suits are just some of the many tastefully created outfits that deserve more than a second look! Classy peplums and breezy dresses for after-work cocktail parties also shine through with élan.

The designer’s amazing knack for playing with the colour palette strikes a chord with the viewers. Myriad varieties of shades of every perceptible colour seem to be on this range, and contrasted exquisitely in a manner that the outfits stand out yet are not repulsive in any way.

The office environment promises never to be boring again, thanks to Oscar de la Renta and his magnificent collection!

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