Old Shoes Refashion – DIY

The fashion world always has a way of repeating itself even if not entirely in the same manner and in this digital golden age everyone is out for themselves. Everyone wants their thoughts and opinions valued especially when it comes to unique and creative fashion ideas, be it in the apparels or shoe department. Everyone is taking out the old goodies and turning them into great ideas for personal and business purposes. Anything can be re-invented into something new and old together. Take for instance these plain black and blue heels which have been made into dazzling jeweled heels for every occasion.

To get them done to their final look you will probably need more or less of vintage jewel piece which you can choose to purchase in an vintage shop or trade-off for something else depending on your tastes. You can look for old jewels from necklace pieces, earrings, brooches and even bangle pieces in pairs of two. However, in reference to these heeled shoes and revamping them. You will probably need two brooches for each shoe, glue, a wire cutter and four earring clip-on backs. The first step is to take the wire cutters and completely snip off the entire pin back of the brooch and its adjoining metal. However, if the cut is not clean and neat you can always use a nail file to smoothen the rough place. Then apply the glue to the earring backing and place it on the back part of the brooch holding it in place for a moment to make sure that it has stuck properly. You can then let the glue dry for several hours before you decide to place the earring clip-ons on the toecap of the shoes. Make sure the earring backing does not protrude out in anyway when it is placed on the shoes as it can be uncomfortable for your feet as you walk. But if so you can always use the wire cutters to eliminate this obstacle.

And there you have it jeweled heels and you did not have to get a new pair at the stores. Moreover looking at the final touch the brooches definitely complement the shoe’s colors and will obviously go with anything from jeans, dresses and even a midi or maxi skirt. So there you go, now start thinking of how you can make that old shoe you were about to throw away into something wearable again.

Old Shoes Refashion - DI

Photo courtesy: frugal-nomics.

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