Give Your Old Shoes an Exciting New Twist

Have you ever thought about making your own pair of shoes? If you are a shoes lover like us, then you surely did! A nice pair of shoes can make your look more attractive and give you a confidence boost. It can give you a stylish note, but also can ruin the whole outfit. Get out of the closet a pair of shoes you don’t wear (or just want to give them a new look) and let’s see how you can redesign them.

You will need : a pair of footwear with an ankle and toe strap (you can follow the same steps for flat sandals), ribbon, a needle and thread or a sewing machine if you have one, scissors and pins.


1.  You will need a piece of ribbon as a base, so start by measuring the length on your own foot, cut it and then sew it on the shoe.

2. Cut the ribbons for the loops. Here are used five loops, but surely you can use a different number.
Important : burn the edges of the ribbons or you risk to get your loops frayed.

3. Grip the bands into loops, by sewing the ends together or you can stick them with glue. Stitch the loops on the base as you see in the picture. First four loops will be a little flattened, the fifth should keep the round shape (tack it from the inside bottom onto the base ribbon).

Well, now you have some really good looking shoes, that you can match with some jeans to change a simple casual look into a more elegant one, or you can wear them with a dress. If you have more pairs to redesign, you can try to use different colors of ribbons or different number of loops. Have fun!

Give Your Old Shoes an Exciting New Twist

Photo courtesy: hopestudios.

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