Ocean Nails – DIY Tutorial

This ocean nails making tutorial was created thinking on beautiful vacation days. Combining amazing and vivid colors in a charming way this tutorial is easy to make even if at first sight it seems pretty difficult judging by the end results. Going on vacation or not, maybe just being nostalgic over past holidays, you can try this at least once and see how it makes you look. See the directions and the video below to find the procedure of making this amazing nail design.

Ocean Nails - DIY Tutorial
What you will need:
– transparent nail polish with golden glitter;
– transparent nail polish with green glitter;
– royal blue nail polish;
– shimmery turquoise nail polish;
– light blue nail polish and a few other shades of blue (only if you have them);
– transparent top coat;
– small nails decorating pearls in golden and blue.

Directions: Start working on every nail individually, so first thing you want to do is to add a layer of golden glittery nail polish on your nail. Then start adding on half of your nail the shimmery turquoise polish. Add another layer of golden glitter but only on the area that remained undone by the turquoise one. Then start adding the royal blue to your nail, it will symbolize water with more depth, apply only on 3/4 of the area you have applied the turquoise one. Then outline it with a lighter blue. Then take the nail polish with green glitter and apply it next to the golden one. Colors should blend greatly together. After everything add a few golden pearls to the base of the nail and a blue one on the blue area. Adjust the ocean with the other shades of blue if you have them. Secure everything and add a layer of transparent nail polish over it.

Photo courtesy: blogenbeaute.

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