No Sew T-Shirt Halter – DIY

If you have some forgotten old t-shirts in your closet and you are in the mood for a quick diy project, try out this no sew t-shirt halter project. Fashion projects are awesome and a lot of girls get inspired by our articles, a lot of them require some sort of sewing, but not this one. This is one tutorial for when you are lazier and want to do something nice and fast and good looking too. Consider using this in hot summer days or when you are going to the gym, it is comfortable and chic! See the directions and the video below to find the procedure!


What you will need:
– scissors;
– chalk;
– t-shirt.

1. Take your t-shirt and put it on a straight surface.
2. Take the chalk and start marking the areas where you will make the cuts. Basically, you will cut down the short sleeves and you will make a V-neck instead of a normal round one.
3. With the scissors, cut on the marked places.
4. Turn your t-shirt around like you hold the handles of a bag and with the remaining material make some fabric strands (you need two).
5. Now, take the strands and put them through the holes and tie both ends of the front one to the ends of the back one. Keep the sides as they are, left with left and right with right.
6.Take your new fashion item on!

Photo courtesy: wobisobi.

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