This Year’s Coachella Fashion – The No Sew Slip Dress

It’s that time of the year again! Nothing beats the festivity of the most famous music festival, Coachella; and of course, Coachella fashion would steal the spotlight. The yearly music and arts festival located in the Inland Empire’s Coachella Valley in the Colorado Desert has always been a huge magnet for teens and music (and arts) enthusiasts, but you definitely can’t miss the striking informal fashion show taking place. From commoners to celebrities, Coachella is the perfect place to show off your coolest outfit.

But Coachella isn’t always about the fanciest clothing. Since it’s an outdoor festival, with no air conditioning and the heat can be quite unbearable at times; you need to consider your outfit beforehand. If you don’t have bucks to spend, don’t worry! You can make your own DIY no-sew slip dress. It’d definitely be perfect for Coachella!

First of all, you’d need a maxi skirt, a tank top (or sports bra), and a belt. After cutting off the waistband of the skirt, lay the tank top and cut triangles off the corners- trim a few inches below where the sleeves of your tank top or sports bra fall. Then, cut the neck and back. Finally, tie sleeve straps together in a double knot. You can also add any belt of your choice. Ta-da; you now have your own slip dress! For more details on how to make it check out KierCouture!

To complete the look, pair the dress with vintage boots and eye-catching accessories. Bangles and statement necklaces would make a perfect match. And where would be a better place to show off those golden chains you bought the other day? And to shield your eyes from the sunlight, make sure you bring your own sunglasses. But try not to bring too many things; the most important thing is to enjoy the festival!

DIY-Dress-from skirt

Source: KierCouture.

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