No-Sew DIY T-Shirt Bag Step-by-Step Tutorial

The issue of having to get rid of unused clothes has always been a huge source of headache. While you can certainly give some away, you can also try making this no-sew DIY T-shirt bag for some better use of your old T-shirts; especially if they’re too old or shabby to be given away. The bag would also be a great companion for your summer days, as it can fit so many things; without confusing compartments. If you’re planning to spend your holiday going to a concert, sunbathing at the beach, or visiting a friend, this bag would be the perfect fit.

Now, let’s start by listing the materials you’ll need. First, obviously, you would need an old T-shirt (all kind of T-shirts would do; you can even use tank tops, but thicker T-shirts are preferred, since the bag would be sturdier.) Then grab your scissors and a ruler. If you have some leftover decorative badges or embroidered patch you can also use them.

Once you have them prepared, we can start working on the bag! First, cut 6” x ½” strips along the bottom of the T-shirt. You can place a ruler or mark the line (using a washable marker) in order to cut each strip more precisely. This is so that you can get a neater finished bag in the end.

Then, cut the neck out of the T-shirt to make the purse opening larger. You can follow the shape of the neckline. If you’re using a sleeved T-shirt, you first need to remove the sleeves. Finally, tie two matching bottom strips together in a double knot. Make sure the knot is firm enough so that your things won’t slip out of the bag. While it’s a no-sew DIY bag, you can also sew the bottom if you just want to be sure.

If you have decorative items you can apply on the bag, so feel free to do so! You can even use leftover fabric to create mini bows you can attach on the “straps”. Enjoy!

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