No Scars Pimple Removing Method

Pimples on our face can become so annoying especially when we have a special event coming up and we want to look good. The biggest temptation is to remove them and most of times at the end we get ugly and big scars. If you want to avoid damage to your skin, you will have to be more careful with how you do everything and how you remove the pimples.

No Scars Pimple Removing Method

How to pop a pimple the safe way:

1. Pop it only when it has a whitehead, that means it is old and ready to get out. After you have done it, treat the area with some anti acne solution like benzoyl peroxide acne medicine.

2. Your hands have to always be clean when removing a pimple to avoid bacteria to get in and infect the area again. Preferably after you have washed your hands use some alcohol to be sure you killed the bacteria. You can use alcohol on skin too after you have popped the pimple.

3. Pimples and blackheads pop out easier when you previously opened your pores with steam. Doing the removing after a shower works great too.

4. You can put on gloves that are disposable for being extremely sure you don’t infest the area with anything and if you don’t have them you can use some tissues that will work as a boundary between bacteria and sharp edges (if you have big nails).

5. The removing process is pretty easy, put your fingers around the pimple’s top and start pushing gently until all liquid has come out. You have to stop when you see blood then clean the area.

To remember: Some people use toothpaste over a freshly squeezed pimple thinking it is helping, but don’t do that mistake, it can really hurt the skin. Toothpaste is a myth.

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