No-Makeup Makeup Tutorial

Probably you ask yourself why would you want to put makeup on your face and still look like you don’t have any on? Sometimes we have dark circles under our eyes, sun spots or small veins that are showing up on our face that we want to cover. For these reasons we can choose to put makeup on and try to look as natural as possible on normal days. This tutorial is quite easy to make, nothing hard or sophisticated to do, it will only accentuate the eyes more.

No-Makeup Makeup Tutorial

What you will need:
– natural beige eyeshadow;
– makeup brush;
– dark brown eyeshadow;
– flat angled brush;
– eyebrows pencil;
– mascara.

1. After you have done your foundation routine, add the natural eyeshadow to your lids with a makeup brush.
2. Take the flat angled brush and line your lash line gently with the dark brown eyeshadow.
3. Do the same lining on the lower lash line from the half of the eye to the outer corner.
4. Fill in your brows and then put some mascara on and the natural look is finished.

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