New Years Confetti Clock Cookies -DIY


And here we are, at the end of another year. It is about time we start planning the New Year’s Eve. We decided to bring you ai suggestion about the desert for the big night. The recipe says you should hide confetti in the cookies, but it wouldn’t be difficult (maybe just  little bit more interesting) to put some messages inside of them. It’s your choice to make.

1. You should prepare a rolled sugar dough. After that, using a larger cookie cutter you will need to cut circles out of this dough.
2. When you are done, leave 2 circles intact, and the 3-ed you will cut out the middle of it, using a smaller cookie cutter than the first.
3. Bake all of them according to the directions, afterwards, leave them to cool completely. When they are ready, use a mixture of powdered sugar and a little bit of milk, to simulate the white ice, and ice the top cookies.
4. For decoration we suggest a red icing.
5. Therefore, now you should take one cookie, use some icing for fixating it with one cookie with a hole in the middle.
6. Now you have a small pocket/compartment to store the sprinkles, and close everything with the iced cookie on top. Before decorating with red icing you should wait for the white icing to completely harden. For this last step (the numbers of the clock) you can use any food color pens you can find in the market.
7. Now you only have to enjoy the Confetti Clock Cookies. You should know these cookies are suitable also for birthdays.
  New Years Confetti Clock Cookies -DIY

Photo courtesy: repeatcrafterme.

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