Natural Looking Classic Waves

When it comes to making your hair wavy there are a lot of options, from beachy mermaid waves to classic vintage ones, possibilities are multiple. If you are the type of person who loves the classics when it comes to almost everything, probably you will also love this tutorial on how to make natural looking classic waves. Natural looking curls usually make someone look younger and admit it, sometimes a straight hair looks quite boring. They look even more amazing and romantic on a natural long hair, but also middle length hair can be great for this type of hairstyle especially if you want to achieve a vintage look.

What you will need: heat protectant; curling iron; a hair brush; hairspray.

Natural Looking Classic Waves


1. Wash your hair as you usually do and dry it very well.

2. Apply heat protectant all over insisting on the ends.

3. Separate your hair in several sections, gather some on the top of your head and leave one at the bottom. Start from the bottom section.

4. Take small strands of hair and use the curling iron on each one then apply hairspray immediately after you have curled the strand.

5. After you have done this to all of your hair, brush it and your curls are ready to be shown off!

Photo courtesy: kouturekiss.

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