Natural Big Bun – DIY Hairstyle

Not many women love buns, but there are a lot who adore them and the bigger they are the better. A big bun just shows you have long and beautiful hair. There are so many ways you can make buns and even more occasion where you can wear them, they just go perfect almost all the time. Usually, to get and achieve making a big bun you need some pads or even a sock, but this time you won’t need any as the trick stays in the technique, not in what you add to it. We are sure you will love it!

Natural Big Bun - DIY Hairstyle

What you will need:
– a few hair elastics;
– a comb;
– some bobby pins;
– hairspray.

1. Brush your hair and gather it in a big ponytail.
2. Split the ponytail into three sections, secure two, take the comb and tease, then roll and fix with some bobby pins. Do the same for the other two.
3. After you have made these steps with some more bobby pins start securing down the rolls you made, loosening them a bit until you reach the look of the big natural bun.
4. It shouldn’t take a lot of time, just a little skill until you reach the level of making this very fast.
5. Add some hairspray so you are sure the bun will last and you are ready to go out!

Photo courtesy: heidimariegarrett.

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