Moving Somewhere? Take These Packing Hacks With You

Packing, no matter how much you have to bring with you, is a huge pain in the neck. If you’re moving, though, it can be worse than just a pain in the neck; it’s your nightmare! That is exactly why we have these packing hacks you can put into practice; whether you’re moving house, or simply travel for a long time and have to bring your things with you.

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Packing can be daunting. You look around, and you see piles and piles of things you have accumulated so far. You shrink back in fear; thinking of days, weeks, or even months you have to spend packing everything up. Before you decide packing isn’t just for you and indulge in self-pity, check the hacks below.

1. Start with your clothes

Let’s start from the basic: your closet. Instead of taking out your clothes from their hangers one by one, slide clothes on hangers directly into garbage bags. You might need several of them, but hey, it’s much easier to do it this way! Make sure your garbage bags are strong enough to hold several clothes at once. Bind the hangers together with a rubber band. If your clothes aren’t hung, though, you can roll them up to save some space. Or, you can wrap fragile items (such as dishware or vases) in your shirts. Killing two birds with one stone, eh?

2. Be careful

When it comes to breakable things, be extra careful. Your makeup compacts should have some cotton balls inside so even after being moved around, they won’t break. Bottles of liquid (toiletries or cleaning supplies) should be wrapped using plastic wrap, or even better, bubble wrap. Moving lots of plates? Insert a Styrofoam between each plate. If you want something cheaper, use old newspapers (lots of them!) instead.

3. Be a “brain box”

One basic thing you can’t leave out when it’s moving time: boxes! Be smart with your boxes. First, you can color-code them, using colored markers, colored post-its or even colored boxes! Instead of piling everything up in boxes, use suitcases for heavier items (plus the wheels and the handles make everything twice easier!). If you don’t have any, cut a rectangular shape on either side of the boxes, creating a “handle”. If the cuts prick your fingers, stick a duct or cloth tape around the cuts (especially the inner part). Label your boxes on the side, instead of the top. Or if you’re feeling hard-working, label every side; including the top.

4. Be thrifty, use mobile apps!

Moving doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg. Short on boxes? Ask local stores if they have any (they usually have plenty and won’t mind you take some). Some moving expenses are tax-deductible so make sure you keep a good record. If you rent your house or apartment, take proof shots of your place when you move in; you don’t want to lose your deposit! Some apps are designed to make moving easier, so be sure you make the best use out of them.

5. Organize, organize, organize

When you move out, it’s so easy to lose track of your belongings. Worst part? You won’t even realize it’s gone until you really need it. When it comes to wires, use toilet paper rolls to stuff them inside. Small, important things like screws should be kept in sandwich bags, or small clear packs. Important papers (the deed, your birth or marriage certificate, confidential statement or awards) should be kept together in a clear file. Don’t separate things unless it’s necessary to do so.

6. Plan ahead

The night before you leave for good, you want to have enough basics. Pack a separate bag. If possible, get travel-sized toiletries, or use anything disposable (disposable plate, spoon, fork, or underwear). If your house has nail holes, fill them with toothpaste. Make sure you change your address in advance, preferably two weeks before you move out. Defrost your fridge to avoid leaks and nasty odor.

7. Trivial tips

If your painter’s tape is dried up, don’t be so quick to throw it away. Put it in a microwave for a few seconds and it’d be as good as new again. If you live somewhere with an automatic door, wrap a rubber band around your doorknob to avoid being locked out (that’s the last thing you want to happen when you’re already stressed out from packing). Placing a towel under heavy furniture is a good trick to leave the floor unscathed. A pro tip you might be need to be reminded of again: take things slowly, and avoid doing everything last-minute. Moving can be enjoyable if you know how to do it.

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