Modern Medieval Hairstyle – DIY Tutorial

When we think of medieval hairstyles we think about interesting braids, curls and strange updos. In those times, women had long tresses, short hair wasn’t in trend. A lot of those hairstyles worth copying even today and this tutorial will show you how to make one. This definitely goes for a medieval themed party or for a night out when you want to break the barriers of what normal looks nowadays. Without needing to do a lot of effort, you can make this hairstyle in about 15 minutes, so it won’t take much, even if it looks like.

Modern Medieval Hairstyle - DIY Tutorial

What you will need:
– curling iron;
– styling comb (you will need to make some zig-zags);
– small and thin hair bands;
– bobby pins;
– hairspray.

1. Start making zig-zags in your hair and once you did the first one, tie it down with a hair band.
2. Go further with the zig-zags and have the hair tied down on both sides as you can see in the pictures.
3. After all of your hair is ready, start curling each small ponytail with the iron. Start from the back.
4. Curl each hair strand and leave it in a roll, then secure with bobby pins. Do this for all of your hair strands.
5. Use as many bobby pins you need, and try to hide them under the rolls of curls.
6. Use hairspray to fix the hair and your medieval hairstyle is ready. Put on the right accessories and you will definitely look like from a different era.

Photo courtesy: inspiremeland.

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