Mistakes Women Make While Plucking Eyebrows

At one point of our lives all of us had problems with eyebrows, we either plucked them to much and made them thin or we didn’t choose the right shape to them. When plucking eyebrows you have a lot of things to take in consideration and everything you do has to be in a harmony with the face. Going to a specialist is not very handy all the time especially when there are only a few hairs you want to pluck out, so you need to do it by yourself.

Mistakes Women Make While Plucking Eyebrows

Mistakes women make while plucking eyebrows:

1. Making the sides to short
If you make your sides too short that means you are taking too much of the sides. The eyebrow has to make a diagonal line with the outer corners of your eyes.

2. Making the arch in the wrong place
The arch can be misplaced either too close to the nose, either too close to the outer corner of the eye. The arch has to make a diagonal with the corner of the nose and the lips cupid and this way it will be perfect.

3. Too much plucking
This can cause a disaster like having thin eyebrows or make them too short so always be aware and check how much you trim and rather take a little in the beginning, and if needed go for more.

4. Too much trimming
This can lead to leaving your eyebrows too short and sometimes they can look like they have sparse spots. If you really need to trim, trim a little in the beginning and slowly trim more and more as needed.

5. Eyebrow pencil overusing
Sometimes women make a lot of mistakes while plucking eyebrows and women try to correct them with eyebrow pencil. If it is the case for you, be aware to not go to the other extreme and use too much of it, you will have a funny look.

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