Miraculous Cold And Cough Home Remedy

Most people, when cold and cough catches them, they turn to their doctors who prescribe them a bunch of pills (which in some cases might be necessary and in some cases not). In some situations you do not need to see a doctor and you can treat your health problems with homemade remedies like these cold and cough sweets. Being sick is even worse when you have certain commitments, you need to go to work/school and attend to certain events so you have to do everything you can to be able to perform properly. Make these sweets and have them home just in case, they work amazing if administered in the incipient phases of the disease. There is only one way to see if they work, try them! Check out the directions and the video below.


What you will need:
– one cup sugar;
– half cup of water;
– one tablespoon of freshly squeezed lemon juice;
– one tablespoon honey;
– half teaspoon of ground ginger;
– half teaspoon of ground cloves;
– one pan;
– baking tray and baking paper;
– powdered icing trigger;
– a sweets box or a container for them.

1. Put the pan on medium heat and start with inserting the sugar and water in it (let them melt together before adding the rest).
2. Now, add the other ingredients in a random order and give them a stir.
3. Put the heat down to low and let the mix simmer for 15 or 20 minutes until golden brown (make sure you stir regularly).
4. While you are waiting, take out the baking tray and put some baking paper in it.
5. After you take the pan down from heat let it cool down for a few minutes and in this stage should look thick, dark and have a syrup consistency.
6. Take a spoon and start pouring the syrup on the baking paper to make little sweets then let them cool down.
7. After 20 minutes, cover them with some dusting of powdered icing trigger that will stop them sticking together.
8. Take your sweets box, but some baking paper in it and store your sweets inside. They can be also used and melted in a cup of hot water and the drink the hot liquid.
9. These sweets have natural antibacterial and anti inflammatory effects and they act great as natural cold and cough remedy.
Stay healthy!

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