Mini Leather Moccasins – DIY

Mini Moccasins - DIY

Eveybody knows that children shoes are quite expensive. The fact is you can make your own childs shoes by hand in a few pleasant relaxing hours tops. If you don’t have children, maybe you want to surprise your friends or you just have a doll in the house you want to put some shoes on. The system is very simple actually, all you will need to tailor are three basic shapes that you might have studied already if you are passionate about DIY projects. For an original look it is better to try and use a natural looking felt or even a pliable leather.

You will need:
– pliable leather;
– wax;
– needle and tread.

Directions: Cut out the sole and the upper side in two oval shapes. Cut out the side of the shoe in a big U shape. The ends of this U will be sewed together and will form the heel seam. Attach the midle of the sole to the middle of the side section of the soe and pin for holding them until you sew together. Do the same with the upper side of the shoe by first pining the middle of the top of the upper to the middle of the top of the side. Now, from here to the sides, form even, small gathers, using a pin after each one. Stop pinning right before the upper piece starts to curve in, and carefully sew the upper to the side.

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Photo courtesy: flickr.

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