Micro 3in1 Suitcase Scooter

Micro 3in1 Suitcase Scooter

If you are a regular flyer, or just somebody that wants to get about a bit easier with the belongings, this is surely the perfect scooter for you. The Micro 3 in 1 Suitcase Scooter was invented to give you the quickest and easiest way to get around with your luggage. It is multifunctional and works as a suitcase, carry bag, rucksack, a trolley and scooter. With this amazing innovation travelling to the bus, train or plain has never been simpler! The project for creating the suitcase took over 3 years of development and now it has the ideal size to class as “hand luggage” on most commercial flights. The hard shell ensures that all your things stay secure and safe, while the extending handlebar gives the possibility for an easy use by the taller traveller. Enjoy!

Micro 3in1 Suitcase Scooter 1
Micro 3in1 Suitcase Scooter 2

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