Take a Look at This Mesmerizing Apartment Idea

Looking for an apartment design idea for your new home? While apartments are usually liked due to its compact size and easier to maintain, at times, it could be a challenge to make the best use out of the space in your apartment. Although your apartment size and condition may be different, this apartment in Dallas can provide a wonderful interior design idea.

The apartment is located in Dallas’ Museum Tower, a 42-story skyscraper in the arts district of Dallas, Texas. Designed by the creative team of Laura Lee Clark Interior Design, it features elegant furniture and feminine decorations. You can easily spot pink-colored dining chairs, cabinets, and sofa. However, it’s far from tacky and instead, the apartment eludes lavishness without being over the top. Beige-colored rugs and suede chairs perfectly balance out the vivid pink furniture.

The dining area is especially head-turning, as nothing tops enjoying a hearty dinner under the Nymph chandelier by Koket, a luxury furniture manufacturer. The chandelier highlights the beauty of butterflies, and the gold-colored coating blends in with the pink-themed dining chairs. While not everyone can afford this handmade chandelier, feel free to add your own touch when it comes to the lighting.

Another reason why this apartment should be your number-one apartment idea is the minimalist kitchen. Nothing is better than a clean, simple kitchen that also serves as a mini bar. The living room is a perfect hang-out spot, with comfy brown-colored sofa and green armchairs along with patterned cushions.

But the best part would be the bedrooms. Both bedrooms are elegant, without heavy decorations or bulky furniture. The color beige dominates both rooms, with an accent of green or blue. An artistic-looking desk lamp is positioned next to the bed, on top of wood-themed shelves; perfect for keeping books you read before it’s bedtime. The other room features an all-white tall desk and turquoise wallpaper.

It’s hard to pinpoint which part of the apartment is the best one, but even if you can’t perfectly copy the design down to the last detail, this Dallas apartment can still be a splendid apartment idea.

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