Men’s Style Mistakes That Irk Women

When it comes to women’s style mistakes, it’s easy to find hundreds of articles pointing out what to do and what not to do. However, men’s style mistakes are less discussed, and that’s exactly why it’s a persistent problem: because no one talks about it! In order to break the cycle, we will now discuss popular (and less popular) men’s style mistakes, so take note lads!

Bad choice of footwear

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No, your shoes don’t have to be expensive, made of leather, or greasily polished for it to look good. Bad choice of footwear can come in many forms – like socks with sandals (yeah, we know it’s comfortable, but it’s just gross!), Crocs (sorry, but it’s just not appealing to us ladies), a non-matching belt and shoe combination (or basically just shoes that don’t match any of your clothing), or even wearing shoes that don’t match the occasion. Best thing to do?

Keep it simple, smart, and clean. Don’t go for anything too fancy or garish – and if you’re even slightly doubtful about your choice of shoes, it’s a good sign not to wear them. And remember, this includes socks! Socks that don’t match, too colorful, or even too bland (such as, white socks) show your poor taste in fashion. Remember, play safe but don’t be too boring.

Weird T-shirts

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There’s nothing wrong with wearing T-shirts. We all love them, and it’s comfortable! But it doesn’t mean you can just wear any kind of T-shirt! T-shirts that you need to avoid include: faded t-shirts (no, they’re not a trend, and you’d look like you only have 3 pieces. Or even worse, 2), crop tops (we don’t even understand why would you wear those.

Please don’t, and save all of us from secondhand embarrassment), t-shirts that are too tight (size does matter and if a t-shirt doesn’t fit you, please do us a favor and don’t wear it in the public), wrinkled t-shirts (iron exists, duh???), character tops (yeah, the Hulk t-shirt is cool, but wearing it too often would make you seem like a 12-year old who can’t stop blabbering about his favorite superhero), and anything that contains naked ladies (no, seriously just no. It’s degrading and creepy and we don’t want anything to do with a creep).

So remember to avoid the T-shirts listed above before you leave home next time. T-shirts are fantastic and you’re allowed to wear them – but just be smart about your choice.


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A cell phone holder attached to your belt is something that can only be done by dads. Unless you’re a dad (or even if you’re one!), try avoiding making yourself looking tacky by doing that. Keep your phone inside your pocket or at your grasp. Also, don’t go overboard with necklaces, bracelets, or rings. Some men like accessories, and we have nothing against that! But please, wear them in moderation. You can opt for a stylish bracelet that works great with any outfit you choose to wear. There are bracelets that combine both fashion and tradition. You can’t go wrong with an obsidian or a hematite bracelet with gold plated details.

Ill-fitted clothing

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We mentioned it briefly above, but again, size matters! Your clothes shouldn’t be too tight, but at the same time, it shouldn’t be too loose you look like you’re wearing whatever you could grab from your dad’s closet. This, especially, is true when it comes to suits. A fashion golden rule includes: a man needs at least one tailored suit. And it’s true!

Clothes that fit your body size make you look sharp and comfortable, and thus, boost your confidence. True, you might need to spend extra bucks on getting your suit tailored, but at least you know what to wear when the occasion calls for it. When buying or wearing ties, make sure that you fix it at the right length. Also, make sure your tops and bottoms are all bought to fit your size – they don’t have to be custom made, but you would want to avoid anything that is too small or too large for you.

If your body has undergone a massive change in the past few months, it’s a good idea to take out what can no longer be worn and start shopping for better fitted clothes. When needed, wear a belt! You don’t want to be seen constantly trying to keep your pants hanging.

Watch out what you wear on the bottom

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Tracksuits, plaid shorts, cargo pants, front-pleated pants, and white briefs. What do they all have in common? Women hate them. They are either unappealing, make your body shape looks weird, or simply out of trend. White briefs, for example, are typically worn by prepubescent boys and they can turn any women off. So please, do yourself a favor and stick to bottoms you know fit your body type well.

Unruly body or facial hair

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Your hygiene impacts your style greatly. Make sure you shave well, and that there’s no gross body or facial hair that would irk anyone. If you’re experiencing baldness, find ways to cover it either by shaving your head entirely or do a short hairstyle. Don’t try to style your hair when you know it won’t work. Also get rid of neck hair! Trimmers are invented for a reason, so make sure you make the best use out of it.

Avoid wearing clothes the wrong way

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You might have made wise decisions when it comes to choosing the outfit, but there’s no use in doing so if you wear it the wrong way. Don’t try to blend styles and looks – maybe in an attempt to look ‘trendy’, or ‘edgy’. When you see a color combination that doesn’t match, then don’t even try to rock them together. No, you won’t look unique, you’d simply look out of place and that’s not a good thing.

Also, avoid tucking in your shirt unless you’re in a professional setting and wearing a collared shirt. Shirts, jerseys, or any other tops aren’t made to be tucked in, so please just stick to the rule. While we are at it, please also avoid deep v-necks, no one is interested in seeing your chest. Thank you!

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