Memories in a Bottle – DIY Amazing Picture Frames

We all have all kinds of empty glass bottles in the house we do not have a use for. Usually, when we buy any sort of drinks, for example wine, they come in glass bottles that we inevitably throw away. If you feel bad about that and you would love to find a use for all those bottles, make some picture frames out of them that will look amazing in your house. All you will need are some nice pictures and some decorating stuff which will add life to the empty bottles and will cost you almost nothing. After you finish them, place them somewhere noticeable and enjoy the display.

What you will need:

– several empty glass bottles of different sizes;
– photos of your choice;
– glue gun;
– some sand and seashells;
– pebbles;
– cork;
– copper wire;
– candles;
– bottlenecks;
– some pearl necklaces;
– a pen;
– different decorating objects.


1. Start with cleaning your bottles very well and remove all the labels from them. Do this by letting them soak in a warm water with dishwasher, remove all labels and put them in an airy place so they can dry inside and outside.

2. After your bottles have dried, take one of your choice and pour some sand in it (as much as you like). Add some seashells over the sand and some pebbles.

3. Take a photo of your choice, roll it so it can go through the bottle’s neck and make sure you slip it through in the right position, not upside down.

4. Use the pen to position the photo the way you want.

5. Seal the bottle with a cork.

6. Use the copper wire to hide the cork and attach whatever you want to it.

7. Put some pearl necklaces over the bottle and keep playing with your creativity until you are satisfied with the results.

8. Use the glue gun to create different decorating things you can attach to the bottle.

9. Ultimately, have a look at the pictures to get inspired by all the different ways the frames were made and make your own exactly how you like it!


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Photo courtesy: diynetwork.

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