Should You Wear Medium Length Hairstyles?

You will not see many women especially the aging ones with medium length hairstyles. Many tend to cut their manes when they reach over 40 years. However, what they don’t know is that chopping their hair could be making them appear even older than they are. So, it is not recommended to cut your hair short as you grow old – this youthful medium hairstyles will show why you shouldn’t.

With enough length to sweep on your shoulders, but short enough to keep the ends intact, a medium length hairstyle is a style that all celebrities are asking for this year. Just go through these styles and before the list ends you will have one style suitable for you.

  •  Sleek Side-Swept Hairstyle

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This medium length hairstyle looks great on everyone. To achieve this look, start by blow-drying your hair on low setting and complete it with hairspray for shine to enhance glow.

  • Beehive Medium Length Locks

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This was one of the best hairstyles in the early ’60s. However, it is now one of the popular hairstyles this year. To achieve this haircut start by brushing the hair at the crown to the back and then push it forward to create a lift with the height you want. You can also opt to curl the relaxed ends to add a sleek and feminine touch to your style.

  • Medium Length Haircut with Fringe

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Fringe is the best way to hide those pesky lines. For a contemporary take on medium length hairstyles, choose blunt fringe, which rejuvenates your haircut and is effortless to achieve. However, never try to cut the fringe yourself-you may not get the expected results. Let the stylist do this for you.

  • Medium Length Curly Haircut

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If you have curly hair, don’t yet give up. Choose tousled tendrils for an attractive look with this multi-layered shoulder-length haircut. The highlights are shaded in honey colour and give this look enough dimension that works well with your curls.

  • Medium Length Shaggy Haircut

Photo: Anh Co Tran.

This is an updated look of the classic medium length hairstyles. To recreate this look, tell your stylist to style long fringe and hidden layers. Don’t be too over-elaborate on hairstyling – this haircut is all about the tousled, natural look.

  • Medium Length Baby Blonde Style


Choose this baby blonde medium length hairstyle to take some years off your face. You can utilise a conditioner or blue-based shampoo to halt colour turning. It is a low maintenance style but yet chic and stylish.

  • Curled Black Medium Look

Photo: hairstyleonpoint.

Create a unique look for your next party with this classic 60s wave. The hairstyle is created by parting the hair and curling each section facing the same direction. Finish the style by spraying it with hair spray. Don’t touch it after spraying.

  • Curly Medium Styles for Fine Hair

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This is a suitable style for ladies with fine and straight hair. It is the best style to add some dimension and volume to your curly and fine hair. To recreate this look, use your curling iron and then use your fingers to loosen up the curls. Finish the style with hairspray.

  • Mid-Length Hairstyle with Swoopy Layers

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Hairstyles with swoopy layers are nice and fun. Tell your stylist to style for you long sides and swoopy layers on your hair lengths to pair with your youthful style.

  • Mid-Length Hairstyle with Loose Waves for Winter

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Nothing gives you bounce and style more than these relaxed and romantic waves. To achieve it, section your hair and loosen up the curls by running the fingers through the hair. Hold it with hairspray, but don’t make it look so neat. The style is not about perfect ringlets.

  • White Blonde Hairstyle

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This is an easy style to recreate at home by a blow-dry. Use your round brush and sweep your manes away from the face. Blow dry it to keep it intact. You can decide to curl the hair to the back if you need extra hold.

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