8 Ways to Use Maximalist Decor in Your Home Design

Interior décor is what turns a house into a home. However, the process of decorating and personalizing homes is confusing and tedious as much as it’s exciting. On a global level, the interior décor industry is expected to reach a market value of $ 121.1 billion in 2021. As such, there are numerous options and designs that one can choose from.

Despite the emergence of new décor trends every year, the go-to design styles include modern, industrial, minimalist, contemporary, Scandinavian, mid-century modern, transitional, and traditional, among others. However, recent years have seen maximalist décor gain a lot of popularity.

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Maximalism is arguably one of the most authentic interior décor styles. Whereas other décor styles are often restrictive, maximalism is all about including just about anything that you desire in your décor, but fashionably.

For a minimalist, maximalism sounds more like hoarding, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Whereas minimalism focuses on removing unnecessary items, a maximalist interior design focuses on adding colour, shapes, textures, tones, and layers to create an exquisite design.

Wondering how you can make maximalist home décor work for you? Read on for some unique maximalist design ideas to give you some inspiration.

1. Do Not Be Stingy With Colour

One of the main features of maximalist architecture is an infusion of colours. Even as you work to create a colourful design, it’s best to choose the main colour palette first. You can now introduce other colours strategically based on your main palette. For maximalist décor, dark colours such as navy blue or black are excellent for walls.

If you choose to use a dark wall colour, you can liven up the design by incorporating bright and bold accents. Here’s where you go all out and bring out the max in maximalism. Use colours such as ultraviolet and yellow okra. However, it is essential not to go overboard.

2. Do Not Leave Spaces

A maximalist design is all about making a home look full. As such, you should not leave spaces. One of the first steps for achieving this is using furniture. Maximalist homes are meant to be social, welcoming, and accommodating. Therefore, you can never have excess seating. You can add extra sofas and some chairs. With enough seating, you can also add a table or two.

Walls also play a crucial part in maximalist architecture. Find creative ways to fill up your walls. This can be done by using art, photographs, and even mirrors. The good thing with art in a maximalist design is that the focus is not on themes or matching frames. The only thing you should be keen on is the spacing. Other than that, everything goes.

3. Use the Things You Love

Ordinarily, one of the biggest challenges when it comes to interior décor, is incorporating the things you like. Once you choose the general design, it becomes more of adding elements that fit into that design than actually what suits your desires, which kind of negates the purpose of decorating.

However, maximalism is the complete opposite. It’s all about personalizing spaces using the things you love. Anything and everything goes. You can blend all your favourite colours, accessories, and fabrics into your design. However, it will take some creativity to make sure the design does not appear random.

4. Make Use of Your Ceiling

One of the most effective yet rarely used canvases in homes is the ceilings. Once you’ve decorated the walls, move higher up and add some floral wallpaper to your ceiling. This will add some dramatic effect to your maximalist interior design. The good thing with ceiling wallpaper is that it can blend well with both plain dark paint walls and patterned walls.

5. Incorporate Multiple Eras and Styles

Want a little bit of Victorian but still think modern is the way to go? Do not worry. With maximalist home décor, you can have a little bit of all the eras and styles you want. You can live in a modern home like one from Paradise Developments and Victorian-style décor and contemporary art.

6. Have Ample Lighting

One of the critical elements of any design is lighting. Since maximalism involves a lot of use of colour, you want to have ample lighting in the room to accentuate the beauty. Open up the windows during the day to allow natural light in to ensure the same visual appeal is maintained for the night, add multiple fixtures.

For a dramatic effect, incorporate lighting in varied heights and make sure key design elements have their own lighting. You can achieve this by using twinkly lights, floor lamps, and table lamps.

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7. It’s Not Really Maximalism if there are no Books

For any book lover, maximalism is the ideal interior décor style. With this approach, you’re not limited to how much you can display your book collection. You can have one or two bookshelves, and if they’re not enough, books can also be stacked on the side of the tables.

8. Focus on Comfort

Despite the elegance and aesthetic properties of minimalist designs, they often lack in comfort, which is crucial for any living space. As such, even as you look at the visual aspect, maximalist décor is all about comfort. If you need to add more accents or fluffy pillows to feel at home, go for it.

There’s No Pressure for Perfection

Though decorating a home is supposed to be fun, it often becomes stressful for most homeowners as there are many styles to choose from. However, creating a maximalist setup is no pressure. You can combine elements from different styles and add them to your preferences to make a design that’s uniquely yours.

There’s no blueprint for maximalist interior design. As such, it requires some patience as it may take some time before your design comes to life. The most important thing is to have a rough idea of what you hope to achieve and be bold enough to try new ideas.

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