Master The Super Dark Lipstick – Tutorial

There are some women who like to be bold and wear strong colors when it comes to fashion and also makeup. On some, dark colors look amazing, especially if they are courageous enough to wear them on their lips. If you are tempted to try out a dark lips look there are a few steps you have to know and master in order to look perfect and you will find out which are these.

Master The Super Dark Lipstick - Tutorial

What you will need:
– sugar and some honey;
– dark lip pencil (in the color of your choice);
– dark lipstick (in the color of your choice, but try to make it match with the pencil).

Directions: Start with a clean lip that you will want to exfoliate. Take the sugar, mix it with a small amount of honey and rub your lips with it. Do this for one minute or so until you feel your lips are exfoliated. Clean the sugar and take the pencil by starting to draw your lips. Fill in the lips with the pencil then apply the dark lipstick and there you have some long lasting dark lips. You don’t have to worry it will come off as the previous exfoliation will help to make it very strong. Enjoy your look!

Photo courtesy: kouturekiss.

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