Makeup Mistakes That Add Years

Makeup, mostly applied by women but also men nowadays, has always been an effective method to enhance one’s appearance. Makeup has also the power to cover many aesthetic problems which have surgery solutions, being a great way to make temporary changes without having to spend a lot. As many people are interested in makeup you may notice the surge of tutorials and beauty product reviews found on different social media platforms.

However, despite all those tutorials, those who are new to makeup; or even those who have been using makeup for many years may be using it wrong. How so? Instead of enhancing your appearance, once you ‘commit’ one of these makeup mistakes, you may have age yourself unintentionally. Here, we have compiled several makeup mistakes you need to look out for:

1. Concealer
Many things can go wrong when you apply concealer, but basically there are 2 things. One, the tone and two, how much you apply it. For starters, you’d have to find a concealer that matches your skin tone; not too dark or too light. And remember, don’t apply tons of it! If you’d like to conceal your eye bags, a light touch in the skin under the eye is necessary, but again, don’t overdo it!

Makeup Mistakes - concealer

2. Brows
Eyebrows function as the frame of your eyes, so yes, it plays a vital role. Many people don’t realize this, and ended up with either no visible eyebrows, or instead heavily made-up brows. Instead of dark brows, opt for a lighter brow makeup, probably using eyebrow mascara. The eyebrow mascara is especially handy if you happened to dye your hair and need to match the color of your brows. On the other hand, make sure that you fill in your brows decently. Here is an article about how eyebrows should be: Don’t Let Your Eyebrows Look Awful.

3. Lashes
Whether you’re using fake lashes or not, dry, flaky, spider-look-alike lashes are never a good sight. If you’re applying mascara, make sure that it makes your lashes look voluminous, but separated. No clumpy lashes look good on anyone! Applying mascara on your lower lashes is also not a wise move, since it emphasizes your eye bags and dark circles.

Makeup mistakes - lashes

4. Wearing black eyeliner
In certain cases, black eyeliner does make your eyes look bigger and more impactful. Softer shades like charcoal or chocolate will make you look younger, so go for these colors next time you go makeup shopping.

5. Glittery eyeshadow
No, this is not a fashion runway, so you don’t actually have to dab crazy-colored –glittery-and-shimmery eye shadows. Not only it will draw unwanted attention to your aging eyes, but it’s unstylish. After applying eye makeup, you also want to keep the skin around your eye young by cleaning it softly. Be as careful when you apply eye makeup, since the skin can be very sensitive.

Glittery eyeshadow mistakes

6. Your lips
Be extra careful when it comes to lip makeup. One, you may be tempted to shimmer your lips; falsely hoping it makes you look young. On the contrary, it makes you look like a complete makeup newbie! Instead of metallic or shimmery lipstick, stick to a matte one and a bit of lip gloss for additional sparkle. Two, you don’t see the importance of lip liner. Yes, lining your lips actually makes a difference, since as you age, fine lines may form around your lips. Don’t forget that wearing dark, heavy lipstick is so outdated; and again, go for a simple gloss instead.

7. Blush
Instead of applying blush straight to the apples of your cheeks, apply along the cheekbones instead. When choosing color, stay away from really bright colors, like red or brick-colored shades, and blend well when applying to keep it natural. A subtler look is always preferred, so don’t go overboard as well.

8. Your makeup base
You surely need to pay extra attention when it comes to makeup base. No great look has ever been pulled off a messy makeup base. There are some things to look out for. One, your foundation. Two, your powder. And three, your skin care. Let’s start with your foundation. Like your concealer, your foundation needs to reflect your real skin tone. Foundation is meant to be used moderately to avoid cakey look and drier skin. Before applying foundation, though, don’t skip primer. This is to achieve a flawless look, and to make sure your makeup stays longer, especially if you are too busy to retouch it. When choosing powder, get one with the HD formula that won’t highlight your wrinkles or creases.

foundation mistakes

9. Your skin care
Last but not the least, scrub regularly to get rid of dead skin cells that make you look older. Before starting your makeup routine, apply sunscreen evenly; not only on your face, but also your chest and hands. Brown spots found in your neck or your hands will age you even though your makeup doesn’t. A fan of tan? You may want to tone it down, since it causes pigment changes and permanent dark spots. Drink a lot of water to make sure your skin is dehydrated, and thus, prevents premature aging. On top of it, use moisturizer after showering. Remember, your skin is the canvas, and your makeup is the paint. No matter how well you apply your makeup, in the end your ‘canvas’ matters as much.

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