Make Your Own Cap Toe Flats – DIY

Yes, we all admit that ballet flats are among the cutest and most versatile shoes ever! Team them up with a dainty skirt, a pair of jeans or for a more formal look; ballet flats seem to allow you room to waltz around any outfit! The fashionista that you are, you must already have hauled in the trendiest of the lot; the cap toe flats! They definitely aren’t the cheapest to find, you would have found yourself swapping two or more of your favourite lip colours at the supermarket for a pair of these.

So go on, splurge on your cosmetics, buy an economical and plain pair of flats, and we will see here how we can really spice it up to give you a stunning cap toe flat! Moreover, the procedure works also if you think to give a new look to an old pair of ballet flats.

Let’s first go over what we need:
– plain ballet flats (obviously!);
– painter’s tape;
– a ruler;
– a pen;
– spray paint (choose any colour, go wild!).

The simplest way to get the look:
1. From the top of the toe-box, demarcate the area with a pen that you’d like to be ‘capped’.
2. Cover the rest of the toe-box with painter’s tape.
3. Flip open the spray can and carefully spray over the toe-box.
4. Hey hold it! Allow the paint to dry completely!
5. Peel away the tape.
6. Voila!

Yes, you have all the right to snigger at the friend who just spent a bomb buying those capped flats, while you strut coolly around her, smiling with lips drenched with that well-earned lipstick!

Make Your Own Cap Toe Flats - DIY

Image: fitnessista.

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