Make Your Own Beanie Cap

When the winters are just about to hit, don’t fret about hitting the malls just yet for shopping those warm cute beanies that are a rage among all fashionistas! Because, believe it or not, you can make them right in the comfort of your cozy home and that too, with a bunch of sweaters that you were planning to do away with!
Simple and stylish, these beanies can be made in less than 20 minutes. Don’t believe us? Check out the directions and the video below!

All you need is:
– an old sweater that has a broad base that you would like on your forehead;
– fabric glue or needle & thread;
– scissors;
– some small embellishments like cute buttons etc.

Let’s get to work:
1. Cut the sweater across from under the arm hole
2. Now cut the sweater from one side seam to that it opens out
3. Put it around your forehead to determine the measurement that would fit you
4. Cut out the excess cloth
5. Now, make a triple fold of the cloth and cut out a dome shape at one end
6. Open it up. Now you would have 3 dome shapes side-by-side on the cloth piece
7. Glue or sew together the long edge of this cloth
8. Now, stick or sew the dome shapes with each other. If you have used glue, allow to dry for about 15 minutes
9. Invert this cloth-work and voila! You have your very own hand-made beanie cap!

You could embellish it with a variety of colourful buttons or beads that can take the fashion quotient one notch higher!

And wait! The rest of the sweater doesn’t go waste either. You could cut out the arms and use them as leg warmers! You surely did not realize the worth of that long-forgotten sweater, but now that you do, let’s work up some DIY fun!


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