Make Shorts from Old Jeans – DIY

Why spend a lot of money on new clothes when you can repurpose and reuse old clothing items? Now that summer has arrived, take out the old jeans from your closet and make awesome shorts out of them. Turn the old into new and save money in the same time. You will see here an easy way to make colorful shorts great for summer days.

You will need:
– old jeans;
– some colorful fabric, you can choose whatever you want;
– scissors;
– needle and thread.


1. Take on your jeans and mark the spot where you will cut them. Cut a little lower than your mark, take your jeans on again, and see how it looks, if you still feel they are too long then cut again.

2. Take the fabric and put it over the side you want to sew it on and mark the place where you have to cut the fabric.

3. Cut the fabric out.

4. Sew around with a thread that is not so visible.

5. Use colored thread to sew the edges from the pocket and do the same for the edges of the pocket from the other side. Sew some crosses here and there and you are done.

6. Enjoy your masterpiece, try it on and do the same for other unused old jeans you have.

Make Shorts from Old Jeans - DIY

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