Make Charming Christmas Characters with Paper Plates

Christmas is round the corner, and what comes to mind when you think of Christmas? Santa Claus of course, along with Rudolf the reindeer! And with the snow covering the outdoors like a soft white blanket, you can fill all your time with making snowmen! But here is a darling activity that you can do in the cozy comfort of your home, with kids and adults alike, that is make your favourite characters out of paper plates. Let us learn how to do this! Check out the directions below and surprise us with your work.
Make Charming Christmas Characters with Paper Plates

You will need: cotton balls; crayons in brown, peach and dark pink; 1 large red pom-pom with glitter; paper plates; scrapbook paper; black marker; brown pipe cleaners; large pom-poms or large sized cotton balls; 1 medium sized red pom-pom with glitters; 4-inch piece of ribbon; 1 large jingle bell; brown sheet of paper; small glittery pom-poms; white craft glue; tape; time for action!

Take the 3 paper plates and turn them upside down
Colour one of them brown and the centre of one with peach crayon. Leave the last one blank

For Rudolf
1. Cut out ears from brown sheet of paper and stick them to the underside of the plate which is coloured brown.
2. Stick the red glittery pom pom in the centre to make the nose.
3. Use the black marker to make the eyes and a wavy smile.
4. Cut out a collar shaped pattern from a red printed paper and attach to the underside of the plate to make the collared neck.
5. String a satin ribbon through the jingle bell and tie around this collar.
6. Use the brown pipe cleaners to make the horns.

For Santa Claus
1. Use a red coloured paper and cut out the pattern of a hat.
2. Stick this to the paper plate with the peach centre.
3. Now again use the black marker and make the eyes.
4. Stick a white pom pom to the end of the hat and the red one in the centre of the plate.
5. Put some glue in the place for the beard and hat.
6. Now put small balls of cotton to this glue.

For the Snowman
1. Cut the snowman’s hat from a light blue paper.
2. Glue it at the top of the plain paper plate.
3. Cut a nose pattern from orange paper and stick it at the centre.
4. Use pink crayon for making rosy cheeks and a black marker for the eyes, eyebrows and smile.
5. Use glue to attach cotton balls for the brim of the hat.
6. Glue a pom-pom to the end of the hat.

This will be a super-fun activity for all ages. So get those plates out and enjoy!

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