Make an Infinity Scarf With a Knitting Loom

Make an Infinity Scarf With a Knitting Loom

For all our readers who love knitting we have an awesome projects on how to knit a scarf with the help of a knitting loom. Scarves are a chic and trendy accessory in every season, so why not make a custom one for yourself. There are several tutorials online on knitting with sticks but not many on knitting with the loom. Try and make this with a little creativity.

What you will need:
rectangular knitting loom;
– yarn needle;
– yarn (one that you like and feels good on skin);
– loom hook;
– crochet hook;
– scissors.

1.Take the end of a yarn and make a small knot that you will be able to put on a prong. (see video below)
2. Make the slip knot then stick it to the end prong of the loom.

3. Number your prongs this way: the one from down will be odd numbered and the other even numbered.
4. Take the string, go from prong 1 into prong 2, twist it, then go to prong 3, twist then go to number 4, do this until you reach the width you desire to your scarf. In the tutorial there are 13 prongs used.
5. When you reach the last prong, twist and go back in the opposite direction doing the same moves as before.
6. Once you reached the end fix it between pegs 2 and 4 then take the bottom yarn loop and put it over the one from the upper part. Continue the process for every peg.
7. Now that you have only one layer of yarn loops on the loom push them all to the bottom again and repeat the same process until you reach the length you desire.
8. Remember that you have to remove the slip knot from the peg after you have done a few rows and that there will always be a peg with only one yarn loop so leave it alone.
9. For knowing how to cast of, this video will explain you everything:

10. At the end attach the ends together with the help of a knitting needle and you have just made an infinity scarf.

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Photo courtesy: lovintheoven.

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  1. I knit all sorts of things myself and have watched some loom knitting videos on youtube. I don’t understand why some people prefer loom knitting over needle knitting. To me loom knitting seems like a lot of work and you have to actually look at it a lot to knit, and the end results are very similar to needle knitting. Where as knitting I can do it even when i’m walking. For the same reason I don’t crochet much because it requires my constant attention, but I can see the benefits of crochet because it creates cute/pretty things that sometimes knitting needles can’t do.

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