Make a Shibori Styled T-shirt – DIY

Shibori is a technique used to dye clothing with several methods like stitching, twisting, compressing, clamping and binding. The word shibori comes from Japanese and it means to squeeze or to press. This technique has become more and more popular among diy lovers and diy communities. There are several ways you can fold , twist or compress the material and create different patterns and we will show you today one that will help you create a fashionable t-shirt.

What you will need:
– a dye kit (even if you have more colors in it, you will use only 3 for this);
– gloves;
– rubber bands;
– a white t-shirt (100% cotton);
– cardboard tube or a pipe;
– plastic wraps.


1. Lay the t-shirt flat on a plastic wrap then take the tube and wrap the t-shirt around it.
2. Tightly scrunch both ends of the material towards the center of the tube.
3. Start adding the dye to the t-shirt, use 3 colors and rotate the tube as needed.
4. Cover the fabric with some plastic wraps and let it sit between 6 and 8 hours.
5. Rinse and let the t-shirt dry, you can see the results in the picture!

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Photo courtesy: diydecoracao.

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