Make a French Manicure With a Rubber Band

French manicure is always in trend and a lot of women love it. It is sophisticated and elegant and goes great with whatever you are wearing. It is easy to get one at the salon but it is harder to make it at home. There are special tapes you can stick to your nails and create a perfect french manicure, but what happens when you run out of them? If you don’t have time to get new ones and you really need to do your nails, use this trick we will show you today, the rubber band trick.

Make a French Manicure With Rubber Band

What you will need:

– rubber band;
– french manicure kit;


Apply a base coat to your nails and let it dry. Take the rubber band and position it to your nail by securing it with your other fingers. Try to be careful to get a straight line so the manicure will turn out great. Take your white nail polish and apply it to the area of the nail that is grown. Take the rubber down and repeat for every nail. You can apply more layers of white polish as you like it. After the white polish have dried, apply a top coat to finish your beautiful manicure. This is such a simple and efficient trick that saves the day!

Photo courtesy: thebeautyplace.

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