Delectable Foot Fashion by Sergio Rossi

Banner_News_SR-_01jpg If you have been looking for a quick fashion fix in the form of a shoe, look no further! The celebrated and talented Italian fashion designer, Sergio Rossi, has proven his knack for intricate detailing and bold combinations on his luxurious footwear range time and again. His choices of colors have always made for an amazing visual impact and this range is no different, just a bit more outstanding!

With his new collection, titled ‘Murmansk’, Sergio Rossi brings forth a yet another jaw-dropping range of shoes that will make you ladies swoon with pure delight!

Neon and pop colours rule this collection, along with striking contrasts and unique geometric patterns! Flats, wedges, stilettoes, pumps; this exclusive range of footwear is geared up to suit the various moods of us fashion forward divas! Platforms, pumps and sling-backs are also featured in electric colours that can give a wild yet classy edge to any attire! The ‘zebra-crossing’ print on the outer edge of the soles is seen on almost every shoe and is supposedly the trademark of this fantastic collection.

So be sure to check to out this collection! You are sure to find your favourite and unique pair right in here!

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