Lovely And Interesting Hairstyle Tutorial

This is an interesting hairstyle tutorial that is composed of a bun and a braid in the same time. The combination of more elements makes it be the type that you probably wouldn’t have thought about making. The difficulty of doing this is very small and you can do it by yourself, no need for other peoples help, just take 2 mirrors and check the back a few times to be sure you are on the right track. It is long lasting and eye capturing so give it a try.

Lovely And Interesting Hairstyle Tutorial

What you will need:
– hair bands;
– bobby pins;
– a comb;
– some hairspray.

1. First thing you have to do is to brush your hair to the side you want, in the pictures the model picked right side.
2. Take a small hair strand from the right side and start twisting it than secure almost immediately with a pin.
3. Continue twisting the hair strand, take a simple hair strand from the left part too and gather them together in a ponytail.
4. With the hair from the ponytail make a small bun.
5. Make a braid by starting from the right side, keep braiding until all the hair is braided as you can see in the picture.
6. Roll the braid and secure it under the bun with some bobby pins.
7. Add some hairspray and the hairstyle is ready!

Lovely And Interesting Hairstyle Tutorial

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