The X-Loop Knotty Braid

Playing around with hair is probably the most entertaining activities that also end up making us look gorgeous! For those of us blessed with long, medium or shoulder length hair, we can try a zillion styles; from braids to buns to ponytails! We already know how to make a braid, but let us learn here how to add that extra oomph to it! The x-loop knotted braid was invented by Italian hairstylist Lino Russo, who apparently was the first to use the knotted technique.

1. Firstly, take the hair on the top of your head and divide it into two sections. Carefully loop the left part over and under through the right to tie a knot.
2. Once you have the knot, hold the two ends together and treat it like one. Start to make another knot by picking up another section of hair from the root, so that you have two sections again.
3. This time, we take the right section and send it over and through. This way we will get another knot. Keep going on in this manner till you reach the end of the braid.
4. Now, secure your lovely knotted braid with elastic. Pull slightly on the loops open them up a bit.
5. Tuck the end of the braid up to form a low bun.

Photo courtesy: Cosmopolitan; TheHairBraidingBasics (1, 2).

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