Lips Contouring Technique and Beauty Tips

Contouring and highlighting can literally be used to every part of the body, starting from face, to chest and even contouring the abs area is starting to become a widely used practice nowadays. When contouring the face, if you isolate the area and focus on the lips only, you can reshape them, make them look bigger or fuller thanks to makeup and playing with shadows. But before you can enjoy beautiful contoured lips you have to take care of them and their health so you will also find out some beauty tips on how to have beautiful lips taking in consideration a few factors.

To enjoy beautiful lips you have to:
1. Moisturize and exfoliate them.
Yes, you have dead skin on lips too, and it needs to be removed, gently scrubbing the lips with special exfoliators you can remove pieces of dry skin and make them look more healthy. Use a lip balm after the process for a great care and moisturization.
2. Use lip liners.
Lip liners, if used correctly, enhance the appearance of the lips, if you have small ones, you can make them look bigger and the opposite is true too, if you have big ones you can make them look smaller.
3. Apply tint on them.
Before applying lipstick you can apply tint on them and leave them like that, or you can add lipstick over if you want. Anyway, you will have a sort of a color on the lips even if you skip the lipstick part out.
4. Use lipstick
To protect your lips from dirt and sun, you can wear lipstick, besides this, it will make you look more beautiful and confident.
5. Seal the lipstick.
For a longer life of the lipstick you can put a paper tissue over them, take the excess down, then add some translucent powder to make them look more beautiful, cute and shiny.

How to contour and highlight lips

But wait, we have shared with you a few beauty tips for amazing lips, but what happens if you don’t want to add lipstick on them and you just want to contour for a natural look and change the shape of them? Follow the instructions below and don’t forget you will need a concealer palette and some foundation to create this.

How to contour and highlight lips:
1. Take a slightly darker concealer than your own skin color and outline the upper lips. Blend with a small blending brush to remove harsh looking edges.
2. Do the same for the bottom part and and using a much darker foundation reshape them as you can see in the pictures.
3. On the other parts of the lips where you didn’t put dark foundation, put a very light shaded one then shape your cupids.
4. At the end blend everything together for natural looking gorgeous lips!

contouring-lips Photo courtesy: 2. Makeupby_alo.

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