Lime Shaded Make-up – DIY

Do you recall the colors in your glass with water and lime? Those are some fresh color and the feeling they induce to human brain if a fresh and clean one. Therefore, when you are looking for a refreshing make-up that also makes you look amazing, you will be enchanted to wear these lime-juice colors along with your gorgeous eyes. Just remember: first rule in applying eyeshadow is that it should be placed over the naturally shadowed area of your eyelid.

Second important rule that you should keep in mind is: when you apply the eyeshadow you should start from the light area and darken it gradually. For a more contrast and an intense look, never forget to use some black eyeliner.

Directions: Use light green eyeshadow on the outer half of the lid. Use green eyeshadow for covering the outer crease and blend it well. Use a light yellow for the remaining area of the eyelid. Blend in the upper edges of the eyeshadows with a beige one. On the outer lower lash line, use a neon green eyeshadow for a fresh effect. Use black eyeliner for a classical eye line. For framing your work, fill the eyebrows. Apply false lashes (if necessary). Apply a mascara.

We hope you will find the info in the pictures satisfying! Be careful with the details and enjoy!

Lime Shaded Make-up - DIY Photo courtesy: storybyferrou.

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